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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fruit Cream

This is easy,quick and a perfect recipe for any ocassion.It takes almost no time to make so if you are looking for some quick recipe .this is the one for you.This is a colourful chilled dessert for hot summer days.This is all time hit recipe among  my guests at my house.


•2 cup cool whip cream

•1/2 cup sour cream or 1/4 cup whipped yogurt (fresh)

•1/4 cup sugar

•1 mango peeled and diced

•1 orange sliced

•1/2 cup pineapple diced

•1/4 cup strawberries sliced

•1/4 cup grapes sliced

•1/2 banana sliced

•1 tablespoon crushed walnut

•1 tablespoon sliced or chopped almonds

• some dry grapes
1-Slice all the fruits in small pieces.
2-In a bowl  mix cool whip, sour cream and sugar slowly.
3-Fold all sliced fruits and nuts with cream (leave some nuts for garnishing.)
4-Garnish it with remaining nut and fruits,serve chilled.
NOTE---  you can use your favorite fruits. Other fruit that will go well are peaches, apples, nectarines, pears, melons, kiwi or almost any fruit can be use.

I am sending it to Srivalli's Thanda mela. .


Akal's Saappadu said...

miam, miam, looks rich, creamy and fruity & well garnished!!!

Nimi SunilKumar said...

hi richa..gr8 wrk..its wonderful to see a talented foodie..