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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mango Lassi

Lassis are  traditional Punjabi beverage which blend yogurt with water, salt, and spices into a cooling summer drink. Wikipedia says the idea of making sweet lassis with fruit is a relatively recent variation, but the mango flavor is  so delightful in this that I truly can't imagine the drink without it. Mangoes are native to India, and more than 50% of the world's mangoes are grown in India.

Summer is no fun without mangoes and here is one sweet lassi recipe which so refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.


Mango -1 or mango pulp -1/2 cup

 Yogurt(fresh) 1 cup

Sugar 1 tbsp or as needed

Green cardamon powder a pinch

Saffron  2-3 strands

1/2 cup crushed ice cubes


1-Peel the mango skin and separate the pulp from the seed. Discard seed.(omit this step if using mango pulp.)

2-Combine all the ingredients in a mixer/blender and blend till smooth and serve chilled.

 Note- Do not add sugar if using sweetened mango pulp.

I am sending it to Srivalli,s Thanda Mela. 

I am sending it to Divya's 'Show Me Your Smoothie Event' too.


Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Lovely looking lassi :)

Life is beautiful!!! said...

One of our favourites. Here all the Indian restaurants serve them. Beautiful presentation :)

Princess said...

I love mango lassi. I add a bit of milk as well to my recipe and it tastes fine.

Srivalli said...

Hi, nice one, send this to my Thanda Mela..details on

Richa said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely comments gals....


yes. i too add milk sometime to my lassi ,when yogurt is little on the sour side.

@ Srivalli

Sure I am sending it to ur Thanda Mela ,this will be my second entry for the event.

Srivalli said...

Thank you for the lovely entry