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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Palm Leaf Plates

Today my this post is not related to recipes but yes,with food certainly,In my opinion food is not only about cooking but managing everything in kitchen and pre-planning.Storing things in proper way.cleanliness and some other certain things are also important.
  One more thing is that now a days everyone is talking about 'Global Warming'  ,when we are the part of any discussion we also say that yes, we should do something or we are doing something or  some people even say no we don't care about it because nothing is going to change only if we do or want.For me reducing global warming may require global solutions, but it also requires personal action by millions of individuals.I know we can not change the World but ya a little action which are done by us may help us and others probably.

In terms of food also there are so many things ,if we keep in mind we can help reduce global Warming.Here I am talking about disposable plates and papers.Now a days we are using those disposable plastic and paper plates because they are convenient for us to use .Whether its any Birthday party,potluck party ,picnic or just like that we use to bring those plates and bowls from market and use them ,actually I am also agree that they are very convenient .no mess ,just use and throw.But these things increases more plastic waste ,RESULT-----GLOBAL WARMING.

So I found a alternative way to fight or you can say to help in reduce global warming ,I know little effort but......} Actually I started using Palm Leaf Plates,and found them equally convenient as those of plastic disposable plates.These plates are environmental friendly because-


 . No trees are harmed to make them…they’re a super-sustainable, non-timber resource. When the palm trees naturally drop their leaves, they’re collected and turned into plates, so first of all no harm to trees.Secondly They’re not just disposable, they’re biodegradable & compost able! Just like any other leaves, these plates will return to the earth without taking up landfill we are using just the fallen leaves of trees and not the plastic. They are tough and super light also however, people are consistently surprised by how incredibly sturdy they are ,so that you don't need to care about your food if it is hot also you can hold these plates easily thats what i felt after using them.

Here is my personal opinion on this ,actually after using them I felt we are just using those "Donas" and "pattals" made of leaves back in India.I hope all my Indian fellow blogger must be familiar of them.I found these plates convenient and environmental friendly.So just give them a try and give your feedback to me.



Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

Love all these things that are "green" being bio-degradable :)

Eliminate Belly Fat said...

Aren't these awesome, hard to find sometimes, not everyone of course carries them, but I think you are going to see these really catch on.

Shiva said...

When I browse natural palm leaf plates in google. I just saw The products are really nice.