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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fruits & Veggie Salad with Italian Dressing

Lovera's Famous Italian Salad Dressing (750ml)Lovera's Famous Italian Salad Dressing (750ml)

What are your opinoins about a healty ,quick and refreshing salad after  a long days work.For me its just awesome and healty .A  change as well  as quick side or main dish for weekday nights.So here comes my Salad recipe with Italian Dressing.

Ingredients –

Fresh Tomato -1
White Onoin -1 (medium)
Baby Spinach (15-20 leaves)
Carrot -1(small_
Orange or grapefruit -1
Lemon juice (few drops)
Italian Dressing

Cut tomatoes,white onion,cabbage into small pieces
.Peel the apple and cut in small pieces and add lemon juice so that it will not get red and add into cut veggies nad fruits
.Peel the skin of carrot and grate it .
peel orange and add including juice .
Crush pineapple and add (you can also use canned pineapple)
Add baby spinach leaves.
Now just before serving add Italian dressing and toss it lightly.

NOTE- You can buy any Italian Dressing from market .there are so many different kinds of dressing available in the stores.
          You can add little nuts also to the salad to give it a cruncy taste .
           You can also add or remove fruits and veggies according to your taste .

So at last eat healthy,Think Better.........................................

Soon I shall  post the recipe of salad Dressing also.

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