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Friday, January 15, 2010

Vegetable fried rice

Today it is the turn of Vegetable fried rice in my kitchen .we usually are not very fond of chinese food but this is one dish which we can have solely for lunch or can also use leftover rice for this recipe and transform it into  a new mouthwatering  dish with very little supplies as whatever veggies you have at home you can use for this recipe.


Rice -- 1 cup (cooked) (I prefer basmati ricr but you can use any kind of rice)
Mix veggies (chopped)(carrot,green beans,cabbage,cauliflower,green peas)
onion --1 (chopped/medium size)
tomato--1(chopped/medium size)
green chillies--1-2 (chopped/lengthwise)
black pepper according to taste
soy sauce -- 1 tbsp
tomato sauce--1 tbsp
salt to taste


Heat oil in kadai on high heat .
Add chopped green chillies , chopped onions and salt ,saute for sometime.
Add chopped tomato and mix veggies saute and cover till veggies become tender.(about 3-4minutes)
Add cooked rice  saute.
Add soy and tomato sauce,black pepper powder.
Vegetable fried rice is ready to serve.

Note-1--In vegetable fried rice let leave the veggies little raw ,it will give it a crunchy taste.

2-- Always add salt to anything while adding onions,salt helps onion to cook fast.

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